Selected European projects:

IEE: USmartConsumer

(2014 - 2017, partner and WP leader)
Developing energy efficiency and demand response based on smart metering in Europe by activating consumers, supporting consumer organisations and developing new smart metering services and products with energy utilities and service providers.

FP7: PLEEC – Planning for Energy Efficient Cities

(2013 - 2016, in-house consultant for the City of Jyväskylä)
Defining and benchmarking energy efficiency in European cities, developing best practises for holistic energy efficiency in city planning (taking account technology, structures and behavior) and creating energy efficiency action plans for cities.

IEE: SmartRegions

(2010 - 2013, partner, WP leader and the coordinator of writing the project proposal)
Inspiring and engaging energy utilities and other key market actors to uptake smart metering and offering new innovative smart metering services in 8 European regions.


(2009 - 2012, partner)
Developing biomass based R&D clusters for new products, innovations and business in five European regions.

IEE: BioHousing

(2006 - 2008, project implementation and coordination)
Developing sustainable, comfortable and competitive biomass based heating.


(2005 - 2008, coordinator)
Creating five European renewable heat pilots.

IEE: PU-Benefs

(2005 - 2007, partner)
Promoting and enhancing the abilities of public bodies to use
energy efficiency services, such as ESCO services.


(2005 – 2007, partner)
Supporting national and local implementation of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the uptake of Energy Performance Certificates

IEE: ProPellets

(2005 – 2007, partner)
Promoting the market development of pellet heating systems.