Central Finland Energy Agency - Your partner in sustainable energy projects

The Central Finland Energy Agency (CFEA) is one of the oldest Finnish energy agencies, with solid experience and networks in international renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Since 1998, our agency has carried out several international projects and gained the status of the main energy expert organization in the region while also being a prominent expert with extensive networks on the national level.

CFEA's experience includes the following fields:
• building energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions
• consumer energy solutions and behavior change
• smart metering and ICT-based energy efficiency technologies and end-user solutions
• sustainable energy action plans and solutions in public sector and urban planning
• local and regional energy and emission balances
• bioenergy and bioeconomy technologies, potentials and business development

We work closely with consumers, public organizations, authorities, associations, energy utilities and businesses to enable a shift towards more sustainable energy production and use.

We offer free energy advice at least to year 2023

We provide free energy advice to citizens, municipalities and SMEs in Central Finland! Call or email Jouni or Sanna.